Sosua Serenity

The weather wasn't the best on Wednesday so Tracy and I kept our little trip out for some fresh air to a few local places, and reminded ourselves that if you don't want to go far there's still plenty to see around Sosua. Less than three miles (as the bird flies) from Texaco in Sosua centre and you can be in another World.

Sosua Beaches 1


I must confess that I hadn't been to this particular beach in a very long time.  The weather turned sunny just for long enough for me to consider a quick dip, but we didn't plan on stopping too long. 

One of the big plus points for anyone wanting to visit is the lack of rubbish.  It's clean, it's tidy and my usual desire to pick up a bit of rubbish was thwarted by the absolute lack of plastics, beer bottles or polysyrene plates.

I took this picture because there wasn't a single footprint in the sand.  Yes I do realise that it was a windy and rather damp day, but for a place so close to home to go to just to get a bit of fresh air in your lungs it's hard to beat.



Sosua Beaches 2



 I think it's fair to say that the beach isn't exactly crowded.  If you're looking for a cold beer and a little lunch I think it's fair to say that you need to bring your own (and then make sure not to leave any trace of your visit).


Anyway, after a couple of "polaroid moments" we decided to head off on our little expedition and that was to find a way of getting to Wilson's bar at La Boca in Cabarete / Sabaneta without the need to catch his little boat for a ride across the lagoon.




Sosua Beaches 3


I took this third picture while we were walking back to the car. There are many little beaches like this dotted around the North Coast.  Sometimes it's easy to forget where you are living, and how fortunate we are to be able to take a stroll and just listen to the waves.




Anyway, back to the quest to find a way to drive to Wilsons.  According to my "sketchy" knowledge of the area, I always thought you could turn down the road opposite the "Bomba" and follow the road all the way down to the beach where there's another little bar and a small car park.  That wasn't too difficult at all, and then we set off along the tree line heading West back along the coast trying to find the path.  It proved harder than you might think so we wandered down the beach and by that time the wind was blowing a gale and we got shot blasted by the fine sand that was swirling around. 

Eventually we got as far as the river mouth but noticed a couple of boat loads of people waiting to cross to the restaurant and in the knowledge that the staff were suddenly going to be busy, the weather was looking "iffy" and we weren't going to be the first to place an order we decided not to bother to wait for a boat across.  There's always tomorrow...

According to Google Maps, there is what looks like a path quite close to the restaurant and bordering the lagoon that has since been swallowed up by the sand and marshes.  I would think you can get to within about 100 yards but then it looks a little damp.  If you've made it across this way, drop me a line and let me know.

Instead, we decided it would be a great idea to drive back towards Cabarete and stop off at Martini's restaurant at Cabarete East.  You'll find the picture on our Facebook page.  Happy hour runs from 3.00pm until 6.00pm.  Thursday was a difficult day :0)  

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