The Beach Blog

When Tracy and I first met we thought it would be fun to visit some of the beaches, rivers and waterfalls close to home on the North Coast that neither of us had been to before. 

Our first sojourn was to Las Galeras staying at Hotel Villa Serena  We had a fantastic time and discovered that both of us love to go to the beach – but not any beach.  We want to go to places that are a bit out of the way, we don’t usually go expecting to find food, drinks and bathrooms instead we take a picnic and decent walking shoes.

Since we started we have visited literally dozens of quiet, tucked away beaches and so many people have asked us about where they are we have decided to share our knowledge of how to get to some of these places with you.

Covid 19 has slowed down our progress along the North Coast.  The original plan was to cover every inch of space from Las Terrenas to Monte Cristi, I even briefly threatened to write a book,  but instead (for the time being at least) we’ll just stick to how to get there, what it’s like there and then a brief appraisal from both of us.

Some place names are probably not correct.  Some don't even have names.  And then we've found that over-keen users on Google put place markers in the wrong place and that confuses things further.  And also remember that these beaches are often tucked away and might not have good internet reception.  If it's a place that's tricky to find we’ll give you the Google co-ordinates but we will also explain the car journey so you don’t get lost. 

One of the things we’ve discovered is that a lot of the time you are not going to see a sign pointing to the beach, instead you will just follow a dusty (and sometimes bumpy) track and yet when you arrive there will still be someone ready to “look after your car”.  This we call “Beach Tax” – pay up a hundred pesos or so and enjoy the day. 

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